Speaking Events and Workshops

If you are looking for an engaging, exciting, educational, fun-creating, not-boring safety speaker, then you have come to the right place. Below is a general catalog of courses Camille offers. Most can be given as one hour, 2 hour, 4 hours, or 8 hour sessions. For more information on these topics, including learning objectives, please CALL CAMILLE.

Remember, based on our Call Camille values, all courses are modified to fit your needs and help solve your own unique concerns.

8 Ways to Make Your Safety Training More Successful.

Build a Better Safety Culture: Motivate, Engage, and Inspire.

Communicating for Action: Is Anyone Even Listening?

Go From Safety Cop to Safety Partner.

Incident, Injury and Near Miss Investigations Techniques that Work.

Safety EQ: Harness the Power of Emotional Intelligence.

Supercharge your Safety Committee.

The Worst Has Happened, Now What? What to do if a Tragedy Happens at Your Workplace.


Safety Goal Setting

Safety Goal Setting

If you have corporate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as “reduce injury rate,” if you have leaders you want engaged in safety, if you struggle to implement or complete any safety objectives, then this workshop is for you. Intended for line, executive and safety leadership, we start by clarifying and aligning on leadership responsibilities in managing safety. We discuss the concepts behind safety leadership, like motivation, engagement methods, and goal prioritization based on risks. Site leaders work together to identify gaps in safety management at both the corporate level and their own local worksites. A true workshop, it involves brainstorming safety objectives, making them SMART, and drafting a Safety Strategic Plan that aligns with corporate strategic goals. Facilitation includes a Goal Setting Workbook, and customizable Safety Strategic Plan Template.

Safety Improvement Workshop

Safety Improvement Workshop

Designed for struggling organizations, this workshop is supported by executives, attended by all leaders. Participate in a guided discussion on your role in safety. Review incident data for trends. Conduct a hands-on safety GEMBA walk or safety observation. Finally, develop solutions that work for your organization, finishing with a timeline to implement the best ideas.

Safety Essentials for Organizational Leaders

Safety Essentials for Organizational Leaders

All leaders need to be equipped with the knowledge and tools to manage safety– above simply knowing OSHA regulations. In this course, designed for front-line leadership, determine your role in safety and get answers to FAQs on OSHA basics. Build the skills to identify hazards in audits and investigations, and to assess the risk level. Learn to develop effective solutions to control hazards and measure your own team’s safety performance.