EQ and Leadership Skills Development

If you want to improve your EQ skills and become stronger at building relationships, teams, resolving conflicts, solving problems, building resilience, and leading effectively, sign up here for your EQ Skills Development Package.

The good news is that EQ Skills can be developed– that is, you, and your team of Safety Leaders, can get better. The results (backed by science) higher morale, better safety culture, better operational performance, less turnover, fewer incidents, lower costs. The results (anecdotally by Camille) is that safety becomes easier to do.

Camille is certified to administer the Emotional Quotient Inventory 2.0 (EQi2.0) Assessment, the world’s leading measure of emotional intelligence, applying decades of research to support effective human performance and development. Additionally, team assessments and 360 assessments are available.

If you want to improve your EQ skills and become stronger at building relationships, teams, resolving conflicts, solving problems, building resilience and leading effectively, sign up for the EQ Skills Development Package.

What You Get

Access to the computer based online EQi 2.0 assessment.

A comprehensive EQi2.0 Workplace Report which provides you with your overall results, and presents these using the five EQ composite areas: Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making and Stress Management. The report also provides a detailed interpretation of how effectively you are using the 15 EQ competencies and how you can improve your well-being, workplace, and leadership performance.

A one-hour confidential debrief with Camille on your results, resulting in a personalized action plan.

The EQ Skills Development Package

Individual Workplace Report Package

Lead Better by Connection Your Heart and Brain!


Best for individual contributors, personal development, early in your career, new to corporate.

Specific Applications:

Individual development

Team development


Career counseling/Outplacement services

Leadership Report Package

Become a Stronger Leader Today!


Best for existing leaders, new to leadership role, desire to advance into a leadership role, those that manage internal or external customers or clients, those wishing to make themselves more marketable, anyone managing a team.

Specific Applications:

Individual development

Executive development and coaching

Developing high potentials

Senior level selection and succession planning

The EQ Skills Development Package

Ready to level up your leadership game?


What You Get:

All parts of the Leadership Report Package, including the EQi 2.0 Assessment, the Leadership Report, and a one-on-one hour long debrief with Camille to understand your EQ skillset

Four one-on-one hour long virtual coaching sessions, over 4-6 weeks

Customized EQi 2.0 Workbook From Awareness to Action

An ongoing Action Plan to boost the skills we identify together, with customized solutions for you.

Ready to make waves? Take the leap with Camille Oakes and let’s start this journey together!

In the changing workplace after 2020, companies are now, more than ever, looking for leaders with strong social skills. As workforce diversity grows, and employee expectations change, leaders need to be relationship-builders, excellent communicators, and people-focused problem-solvers. While this may now be true for all leaders, these “soft skills” have always been necessary for those tasked as Safety Leaders.

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is a collection of skills, including problem-solving, flexibility, interpersonal relationships, and self-control. When EQ is harnessed to lead and influence safety, it becomes a SUPERPOWER.