Keynoting and Emceeing

You have put a lot of thought into your event- whether that be a workshop, a conference, or something completely original. A keynote speaker or emcee has the potential to make or break an event's success. That is why you need a speaker or host with the power to influence, energize, ignite and empower an audience.

As your opening or closing keynote speaker or event emcee, Camille will:

Design a keynote based specifically on you, your event, and your audience’s needs.

As an emcee, prepare opening and closing words, attend evening events, function as a connector of people, facilitate panels and roundtables, direct attendees according to schedule.

Set the purpose and tone for the event- leading to attendees being more engaged and present in your event.

Set the tone for how people remember your event and how they take these messages back to their everyday lives.

Using principles based on professional facilitation, make a more welcoming, open, truth-telling, team-building environment.

Make your audience laugh (pretty much guaranteed), keep almost everyone awake, and probably make one to three people cry happy tears.


EHS Now Opening Keynote | Use What You’ve Got: Improve Safety by Being Yourself, 2021

EHS Now Opening Keynote |Safety EQ: Harness the Power of Emotional Intelligence, 2022

Event Emcee:

EHS Daily Advisor Exchange, Kissimmee FL, 2022

EHS Daily Advisor Exchange, Phoenix, AZ, 2022

ASSP Women in Safety Excellence Women’s Apparel and PPE Fashion Show, Chicago, IL, 2022


Atlanta RIMS Conference | Brave Enough to Trust; Build Real Relationships to Become Happier in Life and Work, 2023

UW-Platteville Construction Safety Summit| Brave Enough to Trust; Build Real Relationships to Become Happier in Life and Work, 2023